An unofficial website commemorating the
Delta Road Warrior Training/DO

Atlanta, GA
June 25-27, 2009

Class of 2009 (Canarsie's photo)

Slide Show of Thank-You Luncheon

Thank-You Luncheon Video

(Un)Official Easy Victor
Vocabulary Drill

Let's hope we never
have the final exam.
Bend over, stay down! (uva185's photo)
Release seatbelts, stay seated! (davakkar's photo)
Leave everything, come this way! (Canarsie's photo)
Jump & slide! (Traveller's photo)
Bad exit, stay back! (MikeMpls's photo)

FlyerTalk Threads

Delta Road Warrior Training/DO
Delta Q&A Meeting with Execs - NOTES
The RWT/DO Thank You thread
A thank you from Gogo to Delta SkyMiles members


Pharoah's photos
Canarsie's photos, part 1
Canarsie's photos, part 2
davakkar's photos
Day 3 of Road Warrior Training (WBurcham)
Pool session (Diver Dave)
US Bank sign near Delta (Diver Dave)
uva185's photos
skoker's photos
mersk862's photos
Traveller's photos
bdnyc's photos
Day 2 of Road Warrior Training (WBurcham)
Fire Station Photos (WBurcham)


My 737 Cabin evac (I was first and a bit confused). (WBurcham)
ShopAround's 737 evac (WBurcham)
My motion based evac (WBurcham)
Water Ditching (WBurcham)
Bathing cap (WBurcham)


Professional Development: Road Warrior Training (delta.com)
In-Flight Training: Professional Development (delta.com)
Google search for Road Warrior Training on delta.com
Evacuation Preparation Checklist
snopes.com on Easy Victor
Road warrior training cartoon
Continental Flight 1404: Part 1, Post-crash conditions in the cabin
The crash of Continental Flight 1404: Part 2, Evacuation details

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